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Teletunez/Telesongz now available

Teletunez / Telesongz now available

We just signed a sub-pub deal with Teletunez. We can now offer you close to 6,500 additional tracks from two catalogs; Teletunez (Production music) and Telesonz (Indie songs). This agreement is an exclusive sub-pub deal for the territory of Canada and a non exclusive synch licensing deal available to our USA clients.

The companies are owned by Brian Wayy, composer of over 150 TV shows and an accomplished producer, songwriter and remixer for hitmakers such as Paula Abdul, Stevie B., Rod Stewart, Wilson Phillips, Diana Ross, Ru Paul, Corbin Bleu and Doobie Brothers.

Teletunez offers an extensive catalog of high end production music, currently offering more than 100 CD titles. Teletunez Music can be heard daily on syndicated television programs and cable networks worldwide.
The labels offer tracks with multiple versions which will give you the option to choose from full mixes to minim.

MFP is looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Brian and his team.
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